The Ultimate Guide to Glows

Kevin Carden
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This is a follow up to my last tutorial, which focused on blending in photoshop. This Ultimate Guide to Glows is going to go a step farther, and show you how to add interested lights and glows to your image. I love adding glows to my images, because they are so fun to create and they look amazing in the final picture. 

The videos are about 5.5 hours long in total, and they go over the fundamentals of glows, as well as go through 10 individual projects for practice with glows. I have been editing in photoshop for 9 years now, but I wish I had this knowledge when I was starting out! I guarantee after you finish the course, you will be ready to take your photos to the next level and create some really cool glowing pictures!

All of the stock images are included, including the PNG files for some of the cutouts and the full PSD files of each project.

Video 1 - Glowing Fundamentals - 30 minutes.

     1. What are glows?

     2. Anatomy of a glow

     3. How to make it realistic

     4. Practical Glows vs. Faking It

Video 2 - Glowing Projects 1-5: About 2 hrs 30 minutes.

     1. Dog and Hummingbird

     2. Car and Headlights

     3. Woman in the City

     4. The Glowing Lion

     5. Streetlight in the Desert

Video 3 - Glowing Projects 6-10: About 2 hrs 25 minutes.

     6. Motorcycle

     7. Holding the Sun

     8. PURPOSE glowing text

     9. Glowing Guitar

    10. Glowing Pages

Hope you enjoy the course! If you decide to create your own images, please share them with me on Instagram, and maybe I'll give you a shout out. My account is @ChristianPSart

105 ratings


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The Ultimate Guide to Glows

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